"But wait, there's MORE!"

Yes, we're more than just about setting up online stores for you - we have many years of background experience in graphic design, commercial printing, web design as well as apparel printing!

Please visit our e14 page to see what else we've done as well as reading about our "and More" motivations and offerings for each eMerch family member shown below.

The "and More"


Simply put when it comes the Band Merch division (which started this whole crazy idea), we ARE fans - not just an outside company = this is our passion!

Thousands of concerts attended and a collection of over 500 concert shirts - it was only a matter of time that this Band Merch started things off!

 "...and More" ... 

We can produce also produce stage banners, scrims, posters, 8x10's, postcards, band promo cards as well as custom engraving!

Whatever your need - we're to help!


Every now and then we've been known to frequent a few watering holes (I mean, come on - that's where the bands play). So, needless to say we've also seen the need that many establishments not only need merch, but ...

 "...and More" ... 

 Promotional event posters, bar/table top cards, postcards, menus and business cards. 

Get them all here in one spot!


By popular demand (and necessity) we have  added our branding branch! Too many of our customers have gone from selling a few shirts to creating their own "brand" - and with our fields of expertise we'd be more than capable of helping you out in more than just online sales!

"...and More" ... 

• Brochures • Business cards • Flyers • Folders 

• Postcards • Event banners • All kinds of signage!

See more at e14!


If your charity can benefit from online sales, apparel and more - this is the place


"...and More" ...
Many, many years printing SO many different things for hundreds of businesses - of course we ventured into apparel for the companies. But, let's not forget we also can still print all your brochures, business cards, flyers, folders, postcards, event banners, including all kinds of signs!
See more at our e14 Store!


Yes, we actually have a few more in the works in our ever growing family!


Our growing pains got us - we had too many people falling into this category - so, we made a specific one just for you!
"...and More" ...

We can produce your event banners and signs as well as creating your personal store where people can order their own items - alleviating less headache for yourself and giving you more time to plan your event!


This one hits a little more close to home rather than just being raised in a Christian family. When you get the "stage 4" diagnosis as I did a few years ago - trust me, your faith makes a huge difference!

"...and More" ... 

Therefore, with so many outings and great events that help support so many people, not only can we make the shirts for them but we can create accompanying banners and hand-outs as well!

Put your faith in us and we'll handle it for you!


Health clubs are on the rise and opening everywhere! If you have a small, independent personal club we're your best fit! No large upfront costs and nothing but personally customized items for you to sell and share!

"...and More" ...

Roadside signs, event banners and promotional material getting your name out there!


Well this one is our baby so we're not too sure what else "more" we can add here. This has been created for our love of novelty, inspirational and fun shirts. 

"...and More" ...

Coming soon we'll be offering our Life Merch designs on more than just apparel! We're currently in talks with various companies and professionals who create wonderful custom items that we'll be able to offer our designs on.


So, you say you have some ideas that you will sell huh? Well, you've come to the right place!

We've created your online store avenue for you!

"...and More" ...

We can also help you promote with your own personal business cards, postcards, flyers and banners ... as well as (of course) helping you with any design needs you may have!


So many years making designs and printing apparel for schools and their teams. BUT, it's not just apparel we can help you with...
"...and More" ...
Let us help you promote that game, the club your in, your next stage production - whatever it may be! We can print and design mostly anything you'd need to help you promote your school spirit.