The Perks (and More)


A revolutionary new way to market and merchandise for bands, bars, companies, health clubs, churches, schools and just about anyone who has a merchandise idea!

FIRST OFF (if you already sell merchandise) - we are NOT trying to replace your current screen printer, graphic artist or merchandiser!  If you already work with an artist or screen printer you're happy with - we're completely fine with that! Building trustworthy relationships in this business is key and (unfortunately too often) hard to come by. So, by all means, keep that relationship going! We actually are here more so as an enhancement source to what you already have and are selling. We're more than happy to work with you AND your current merchandiser, printer or artist.

So, consider this your invitation to become part of the eMerchandMore family - and then enjoy some of these perks  ...

  • IT'S FREE ... ZERO RISK! (Setup and maintenance is currently free ... for a limited time)
  • Online store set up and constantly maintained and updated by professional graphic artists
  • Hands-on help and support through our owner and sales and account reps
  • Extra marketing/word-of-mouth through our avenues of sites and people in the streets
  • Extensive variety of apparel options for your merch ... without any upfront expense
  • Greatly limits the risk of unsold merch when you have to purchase a large upfront inventory
  • Never run out of a design or shirt size (through online purchases)
  • Online stores cross-link and integrates with your website and social media accounts
  • Can print individual items digitally ("DTG") OR as traditional screen printing
  • Designs can be printed at different sizes to accommodate the various apparel options (Digital designs only)
  • NO large up-front inventory expense! We don't up-sell over here!
  • Proofs available to offer customer (for online custom sales)
  • Mailing to customer taken care of (within 7 days of purchase - excluding custom orders)
  • We can do fulfillment and sales for unsold inventory
  • ALL printing, packaging, shipping & handling done in house by us
  • Infinite options for designs! Bring back some old designs or create new ones! ... (we'll work with your pre-existing designs and/or we can work with you to create new art)
  • Ability for your designs to be printed on much more than apparel
  • Online sales build your customer database and email lists
  • Can re-supply "on-the-road" inventory at any time during your tour (for Bands)
  • One-Stop shop! Not only can we do merch - but we can also do MUCH more! See our "andMore" page for what else we can do.

Take a minute to sign-up at our Contact page and we'll send you more information to show you the ultimate advantage how you can connect more effectively with your customers, fans and general public ... through merchandising!  ... andMUCHmore!!

Requirements to be able to sell within our eMerchandMore family of stores:
If you can hold a tablet and log into the internet - that's the only talent you'll need to purchase or sell your merch!