"Your World ~ Your Wear"

About eMerch and More

eMerchandMore, Inc. was developed from the initial concept and creation of BandMerchandMore. After quick thought, it was realized that the BMM business model could soon apply to many other categories and industries that we've already worked with over the years through our "big sister" company e14designs.

We have developed a fully integrated system where the public can create and fully customize their own apparel based off of pre-existing professionally created designs - OR even your own supplied art.

On top of that, we can apply that same system and direct it toward businesses where we can create "seller accounts" where they can sell their merch without having to place that initial up-front ("cost-effective") high quantity inventory order.

So, whether you're a custom t-shirt fan that "has to have that one shirt" or if you're someone in need of company uniforms, promotional give-aways and/or sales merch to sell at your next show or event - we've got you covered!

Please also note the "andmore" that correspond to all of our branches ... because we're not all about and/or limited only to apparel merchandising - we can create and sell designs that get printed on a wide range of items from coffee mugs, to banners and posters, to metallic and canvas prints and a plethora of other options! If you don't see it, just email us and ask and we're sure we'll take care of your needs!

REQUIREMENTS (for sellers): If you can hold a tablet - that's the only space you'll need to purchase or sell your merch!