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About Band Merch and More

About Band Merch and More


Welcome to the #1 place for all music fans to purchase one-of-a-kind music related apparel and merchandise that YOU customize!

We're a new company - a new website - a new point of purchase option ... bringing the world of music and merch together like never before!

We have a wide variety of General Music Merch artwork already designed for you. Some of the art being fan faves created by special request and/or re-worked art that you may have seen before. The one thing certain is, you haven't seen these designs with all the options that YOU can choose how you want it to look AND on what you want to wear!

On top of that, we're currently in discussion with many bands and will be working closely with many more bands in the future to bring you their own version of Custom Tour Apparel! Visit HERE for our current Tour Merch and just stay tuned to this site, sign-up on our mailing list and check back often because there will be weekly additions as you'll get to see our company Evolve - offering you more options than ever before!

NOTE: If you have your own art or idea, no worries, we have no problem creating something for you! Just email us at orders@bandmerchandmore.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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