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What it took...

Eric Steinhardt

Posted on July 14 2018

What it took...

One of the things which will eventually be in the Band Merch and More drop-down is the "AND MORE" page (although not sure if I'll be able to get that posted today). Bottom line is - WE HAVE DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT!

Last night, members from our company were at one of the 100+ shows we go to annually (YES, we're fans too! Oh, and the band RED still rocks!) and by the end of the night my body of this owner/frustrated web guru started feelin' a tad under the weather. But, knowing we have 4 more shows in a row after tonight and having to get the website up and live TODAY, I went home immediately after the show - albeit with a few impromptu stops along the way (which included jumping and running out of the car).

Yes, so, to cut to the chase (aka. the BATHROOM), I had food poisoning! BUTT, to show our dedication I somehow made it in to work today to make sure I got this site up and running (as I promised) for a fave band of mine Eve To Adam so their store will be readily available at their big show tonight.

SO, one thing with Band Merch and More (emerchandmore) - you will get personal attention no matter what we have to go through to help you out and live up to our promises! ... (just don't ask us what we're sitting on while we're working!)

Keep On Keepin On!
Eric @ BandMerchandMore

PS - And yes, there was more than one reason we called this a "soft opening"

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